Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Reform of Wasteful Gun "buy backs" a Trend: Mississippi Proposes Legislation

Following what is becoming a national trend, legislation to prevent wasteful destruction of valuable firearms has been introduced in Mississippi by Representative Gary Alan Chism, Republican.  The legislation, House Bill 139, prevents the wasteful destruction of firearms collected at gun turn in events that are conducted with the assistance of government resources.  Instead, the firearms would be returned to lawful commercial channels and the money placed in the general fund of the governmental body that is assisting the turn in event, often referred to by the misnomer "buy back".   The events are not "buy backs" because the people buying the guns never owned the guns before.  From the bill:
74(c) Any resolution, ordinance or rule enacted pursuant
75 to this section must require that any firearm received shall be
76 offered for sale at auction as provided by Sections 19-3-85 and
77 21-39-21 to federally-licensed firearms dealers, with the proceeds
78 from such sale at auction reverting to the general operating fund
79 of the county, municipality or other governmental body.

Several states have already banned the wasteful practice of destroying assets collected at such turn in events.  In the Middle Ages, punishing objects was considered a  deodand ceremony.  Deodand is medieval term created to indicate an inanimate object that was found guilty of a crime.

Arizona and North Carolina passed similar measures last year.   Many critics claim that such bills "ban" "buy backs", but they only require that the assets collected be sold instead of destroyed. 

The guns are still taken off the street.   They will be sold out of gun shops just like new guns, giving a choice to a person who wishes to exercise their second amendment rights.   Many gun collectors now attend these gun turn in events hoping to obtain rare, historic, and collectible guns at a bargain price.

Indiana is considering a similar law this year.   As the Indiana proponent of this years bill, Senator Jim Tomes, said:
 “I don’t see why anyone would object to this because it benefits everyone involved,” 

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