Thursday, January 30, 2014 Paul: Restore Second Amendment Rights in Post Offices

Have you ever wondered why you can't pull your pickup truck into the parking lot of the Gillette, Wyoming, post office, go in, and mail a letter -- without giving up your Second Amendment rights?

The answer is that a bunch of gun-hating legislators -- who are terrified of the very thought of guns -- slammed through a law prohibiting guns in any federal facility.  It is now contained at 18 U.S.C. 930

The original law contained a provision, at subsection (d)(3), which would allow you to carry your gun for "other lawful purposes" -- including, presumably, self-defense.

But, not surprisingly, the ATF and the other anti-gun denizens of the federal government have read this exception out of the law -- by executive fiat.

But the good news is this:  On Wednesday, January 29, Senator Rand Paul will offer an amendment, in committee, to the Postal Reform Act (S. 1486).

The amendment will allow you to drive into a post office parking lot with your gun, and will allow you to carry it into the post office, to the extent state law would allow you to carry that firearm in any other venue.

Because the amendment will be offered in Governmental Affairs, a vast percentage of the committee membership consists of conservative Republicans and Democrats running for reelection in conservative states.  So there is a good chance that we can score a major victory for the Second Amendment if you act now.
ACTION: Please contact the senators on the committee (listed below) and ask them to support the Rand Paul amendment allowing Americans to exercise their constitutional rights in parking lots and public areas in federal post offices.
You can E-mail the Senators -- or call them at 202-224-3121.

NOTE: You are receiving this alert because one of your Senators is on the Government Affairs committee.  Residents of Kentucky should simply thank Senator Rand Paul for taking the leadership on this issue.  (See below.)


Democrats: Tom Carper, DE; Carl Levin, MI; Mark Pryor, AR; Mary Landrieu, LA; Claire McCaskill, MO; Jon Tester, MT; Mark Begich, AK; Tammy Baldwin, WI; and Heidi Heitkamp, ND.

Republicans: Tom Coburn, OK; John McCain, AZ; Ron Johnson, WI; Rob Portman, OH; Rand Paul, KY; Mike Enzi, WY; and Kelly Ayotte, NH.


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Anonymous said...

Rand also needs to reference the recent District Court decision, linked below.

I'm not saying I support the website, but it was the first place who linked the PDF. It's still Federally illegal, but a huge precedent has been created.