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India Designs Webley Derived Titanium Revolver For Women

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The Nirbheek is a six shot .32 that weighs only 500 grams (18 ounces).   The frame is made of titanium, though it is not clear if the barrel or other parts are made of steel.  The design derivations from Webley are clear.  As seen in some Webley civilian versions, it appears to have a square cross bolt safety located just above the grips.

Here is the announcement from the Field Gun Factory, Kanpar, where the Nirbheek is produced by the Indian government.  It is proclaimed as the "Indian Ordinance Factories valuable contribution to women's security".  

Photo courtesy indiansforguns.com

 A top break stirrup latched design, it should be more than strong enough for the black powder era .32 revolver cartridges, which are some of the lowest pressure centerfire cartridges available.  

This source says that the  IOF .32 revolver is a copy of the Webley MK IV with a safety catch, and that it is chambered for the .32 Smith & Wesson Long cartridge, which is a step up in power over the .32 Smith & Wesson.  The .32 caliber makes legal civilian ownership possible in India.   It is nearly certain that the Nirbheek is chambered for the same cartridge. 

Factory loading for the .32 Smith & Wesson Long is a 98 grain bullet at 705 fps.

From phatkallys.com:
Senior IPS officer Arun Kumar, on the other hand, has a different point of view. “Once a target of rape whips out a handgun, the element of surprise is sure to scare the life out of most of the persons who attempt rape,” he said. “In most of criminal cases in India, the perpetrator, irrespective of whether armed or not, neither expects nor faces any stiff resistance from the target. Women carrying small handguns will surely make a difference to the tendency,” said Kumar, additional director general of police (ADG) heading Rules and Manuals wing of the UP Police.
 The revolver is quite pricey, at Rs 1,22,360, nearly $2,000 dollars.   It does not appear to be a mass produced item, as the factory manager seemed pleased to have 80 "formal inquires and over 20 bookings".   The revolver may come to be one of the rarest of production revolvers.

This appears to be part of the increasing Indian awakening interest in the right to bear arms for self defense.   Recent years have seen an increased awareness of the usefulness of arms.   Many Indian cultures have a long history of martial prowess.  Nirbheek translates as "Without fear" or perhaps "fearless".

It would be an attraction in any revolver collection in the United States.

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Update: Specifications for the Nirbheek from the IOF:


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