Friday, January 10, 2014

El Salvador:60% of Legal Firearms Come From the United States

Rather a funny headline.  Who cares if 60% of legal guns come from the United States?   Later in the story, they mention that the legal guns are only 20% of all the guns in the country.  El Salvador has very restrictive gun control.  A gun can only be legally purchased with government permission, and that permission has the be renewed every six years.   All legal gun and ammunition sales are tracked by t he government.


SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador – A recent collaborative study carried out by the government of El Salvador and the ATF found that over 60% of all legal weapons in the Central American country can be traced back to the United States.

The study, ongoing since 2011, has tracked just under 39,000 of the estimated 200,000 weapons circulating throughout the nation. To identify which weapons were counted, authorities said the only prerequisite was that the weapon was legally brought into the country, but were quick to point out that once the weapons are in El Salvador, they can illegally change hands.

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