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Open Carry March in Andrews Texas Successful

Members of Come And Take It Assemble for Their Rally
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The open carry rally in Andrews, Texas, went off without a hitch on Saturday, 25 January.    The local headline was:
Gun Rally in Andrews Had Message of Education, Peace

Members of Come and Take It in Andrews, Texas
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This occurred in spite of the arrest of a member of the organization, Michael Keoghan when he was scouting out a route for the rally.   In spite of the controversial arrest, Police Chief Bud Jones insisted that he supported the rights of everyone.  From
One thing is for sure, both police and "Come And take It" organizers had a peaceful, respectful day in Andrews.

"Come And Take It" has over 40 chapters across the state with rallies going on just about every weekend.
The Come And Take It America website  states that their efforts are paying off:
We have been going town to town educating not only the public but the local police departments on laws that they haven’t had to enforce and have forgotten. But what seemed strange earlier this year has become commonplace amongst us Texans. Police departments everywhere are stepping up and respecting our second amendment.
James Franklyn, West Texas Regional Director for "Come And Take It," said that they expect to work with police.  From
"It's in our mission statement that we work hand-in-hand with law enforcement," 
Perhaps Chief Jones and the Andrews police department will reciprocate in the future.

The leading candidate for Governor,  Greg Abbot, has said that he supports legalizing open carry of handguns in Texas.

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Anonymous said...

Good job, gentlemen. This is how you get good PR for Open Carry, working in advance for a permit, so no surprises, and allowing Law Enforcement to have the time to get up to speed, if they aren't already, to help keep things calm.

Anonymous said...

PS: hat tip to TTAG for the link here, and thanks Dean Weingarten for the excellent article.