Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dave Workman:The only question that matters may not be asked in Olympia

Another excellent article by Dave Workman:

When former Congresswoman Gabrielle “Gabby” Giffords appears today in Olympia to testify in favor of Initiative 594, the 18-page gun control measure being sold as a “universal background check” requirement, only one question should be respectfully asked: How would adoption of this measure have prevented the kind of thing that happened in Tucson in January 2011?

That's the incident in which Giffords was shot in the head by a gunman who killed six people and wounded 12 others, including the former congresswoman. She will be accompanied today by her husband, former astronaut Mark Kelly.

The question is a fair one. There is no disrespect in it. If Ms. Giffords comes to Washington State to testify on behalf of a gun control proposal, because of her personal tragedy and triumph, she ought to explain how this measure would have prevented what happened.

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