Friday, January 10, 2014

AP Claims Federal Charges for Transporting Rifle from Pennsylvania to Connecticut

In a story about the student with a concealed carry permit that was arrested in Connecticut because someone saw him shift a rifle in his vehicle, AP claims that he has been charged with  "unlawful transport into Connecticut of a semi-automatic Bushmaster rifle":
Federal prosecutors say 23-year-old William Dong is charged with unlawful transport into Connecticut of a semi-automatic Bushmaster rifle that he bought in Pennsylvania in September.
It is probably just bad reporting on the part of the AP, but I do not recall any unlawful transport offense in Federal firearms law.

William Dong's attorney has said that he will likely plead not guilty to state charges.    I wonder if the "federal charges" are to exert more pressure to get him to do a plea bargain.   The case seemed a bit weak with the initial reports.
 He told police that he had it because he was going to the shooting range the next day, said Nivakoff, who was involved in the West Haven investigation.
In this era of "Three Felonies a Day", it appears that charges can be found for anyone.   I hope that this is not one of those cases.   Eric Holder's Justice Department and the BATFE have not done anything to increase trust in their veracity.

Dong does not seem to fit the profile of a rampage killer.   There have not been an reports of psychological problems, he had a job, and was well liked, at least from the early reports.
It's not clear what Dong's intentions might have been, but friends have called the incident a "huge misunderstanding" and said Dong was often confused about where he was allowed to carry guns.

"It was a shock," said Thomas Wething, who went to high school with Dong and watched police search his home from across the street. "I was questioning it at first."

Dong's best friend, Manuel Pallares, said Dong carries weapons every day to protect himself while working at an armored truck company that delivers money.
The rifle may be illegal in Connecticut. I have not seen any evidence to indicate that the rifle was purchased illegally.

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