Saturday, January 25, 2014

MS:Proactive v Reactive: A Comparison of MS and OK Open Carry Planning

Well done reporting by Rick Ward at Mississippi Gun News:

BY RICK WARD – January 23, 2014
The State of Oklahoma passed its Open Carry Law in early 2012, one year prior to the Mississippi law. By all appearances it would seem that Oklahoma did an outstanding job in looking ahead with a proactive plan to limit challenges for the future. Sadly, Mississippi’s approach has been more reactive than proactive.
Shortly after the Oklahoma legislative session ended, law enforcement authorities began to develop plans to deal with their new open carry law. Stories began to surface as early as a month or so following the end of the session and up to the effective date of the law (November 1, 2012).

May 16, 2012, News 9 in Norman, Oklahoma
Police have already developed a training plan for officers and dispatchers on how to respond to complaints related to the new law that will be effective November 1, 2012.

October 20, 2012, KRMG Radio
Reported that the new law set to become effective on November 1st, caused Michael Konshak of Bixby Police Department to identify the need for dispatcher training. “That’s the dispatchers who are going to be taking the 911 calls for a man with a gun,” Konshak said.  “It’s equally critical that law enforcement personal really understand the entire self-defense pact inside and out. We’re the one’s who are responsible for enforcing those laws.” He said it is important to see that officers and dispatchers are properly trained.

October 31, 2012. According to American City and County on the internet 

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