Friday, January 31, 2014

KS:Committee Considers Restoring Self Defense Choices with Preemption Bill

This bill addresses several positive reforms.  It eliminates the "legal theft" of firearms, and stops the wasteful practice of symbolically destroying valuable firearms for political theater.

Tomorrow, January 30 at 9:00 a.m., House Bill 2473 will be heard in the state House Federal and State Affairs Committee.  Sponsored by state Representative Jim Howell (R-81), HB 2473 is important legislation that makes comprehensive improvements to the gun laws in Kansas.

If passed and enacted into law, HB 2473 would expand Kansas’ firearms preemption provisions to open carry and prohibit municipalities from implementing local ordinances relating to the transportation of firearms.  Whether you choose to carry concealed, open carry or carry a knife for self-defense, HB 2473 would eliminate the complex patchwork of gun laws that arise from local regulations.

Along with addressing firearms preemption issues, HB 2473 would ban the use of taxpayer funds for so-called gun “buyback" programs.  These programs are a waste of taxpayer dollars and have no proven impact on crime reduction.  Additionally, this legislation would prohibit seized firearms not used in the commission of a felony from being destroyed by law enforcement agencies.   These firearms, so long as they are in operable condition, would either be sold to a licensed dealer (FFL) or donated to hunter education programs.  HB 2473 would also mandate that if a firearm has been seized by law enforcement and the owner is acquitted of the charges or the charges are dropped, the firearm must be returned to the owner within thirty days.

This comprehensive legislation also addresses permit confidentiality by prohibiting county, city or municipal employers from maintaining a database of employee permit holders.

Your NRA fully supports these improvements to gun laws in the Sunflower State and will continue to keep you updated as HB 2473 progresses during the 2014 legislative session.  Please stay tuned to and your e-mail inbox for further updates.

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