Thursday, September 04, 2014

CNN Poll: Should Children be Allowed to Learn to Shoot Guns?

CNN, with rapidly dropping ratings, is becoming irrelevant.   While online polls are not scientific, they do measure intensity.   The full question in the CNN online poll is:

"Should children be allowed to learn to shoot guns under adult supervision?"

I shortened it to "Should children be allowed to learn to shoot guns?" because if they would not be allowed to learn under adult supervision, no one would allow them to legally learn at all.

The poll reflects the low level of CNN viewership, with only about 1300 votes thus far, split about 50/50:

No    50%     653 votes

Yes   50%     645 votes

Here is the link to the poll.   It is in the far lower right of the page on my screen.

While I can understand a reluctance to give CNN any attention, It is worth while to show people who go there that such idiocy does not remain "controversial".   The question proposes the elimination of the gun culture by not allowing children to be taught how to shoot.   Some citizen disarmament proponents have stretched the age of "children" as high as 25.

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Wireless.Phil said...

Why is the words "BE ALLOWED TO" even in that question?

The question should be:
"Should Children Learn to Shoot Guns? "


If they don't learn how to handle a firearm, accidents happen!

Some day that son, daughter may save someones life, especially in these times.

Wireless.Phil said...

CNN didn’t like the poll results and pulled the poll.

Wireless.Phil said...

Think about it, cause the news media doesn't.

What the gun hating news media fail to realize is that without guns, gun violence, vehicle accidents, war and murder, there isn't much left for them to report on.

People would get pretty tired of watching news if it was only about happy things all the time.

So let the media complain and cut their own throats.