Sunday, May 24, 2015

AL: Man who shot drunk, abusive, Neighbor, found not guilty

Smith said authorities advised Childers it would probably be safer for them to spend the night elsewhere. He said after the police left, Childers returned to his home to get some things and spend the night elsewhere only Lorance was on Childers' front porch waiting for him. Smith said he was drunk and angry at his neighbor for calling police on him. Lorance was not armed, according to reports.

This was the point where it turned violent. Smith said Childers got out his Savage .22 semiautomatic rifle to scare Lorance off his property while his wife called 911 again. The defense goes that Lorance lunged at his neighbor and there was a physical confrontation, during which Childers fatally shot Lorance twice in the head.

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Wireless.Phil said...

Now they'll probably have to sell the house and move.

Won't help though, home sales are public record, usually printed in the newspaper.