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TX: Credible Rumors on Jihadist Shooting at Free Speech Event

The above picture is photo-shopped, and was posted as a clever joke.  The man in the "blue polo shirt" is actually an photo-shopped image of Jerry Miculek, one of the most extraordinary pistol shots of all time.  As Miculek is a gun culture icon, the joke was quickly exposed, but it was highly regarded.  Here is the original wording with the picture:  From, page 51:
 My sources on the Deep Web came across this pic. It was taken shortly after the shooting. The guy in the blue polo shirt with the crazy leg rig is said to be the guy who shot the two terrorists, a 42 year police veteran named Benjamin Garrison.
With that bit of humor out of the way, the coverage of the event shows how responsive and accurate the Internet tends to be to breaking events.  Here is a sequence of posts.   From 8:03:
 Wife just got the campus alert... no details... JUST HAPPENED.


one officer shot, non life threatening

2 suspects down armed with ak47's and explosives
From 8:09  8:34
From  8:36
Jocelyn Lockwood @JocelynNBC5 · 5m 5 minutes ago

We were inside the event earlier - security was very tight. $10K+ spent on security per Garland PD. @NBCDFW

From  8:41
Breaking on Foxnews: 9:12

Al Jeezera  9:16

But Al Jeezera just ran it...and OAN

Showing up on ISIS twitter feeds too..

 From 9:19  (page 6 of thread, 3 May)
 CNN and Fox are on it.
Notice that it was over an hour before the networks really got involved. 

Days later, the thread continued, and served up interesting information that still has not made the networks.   This information came from what appears to be a serious and credible anonymous source.   From (page 50 of thread)
Security officer that was shot last night enjoyed his day off today playing golf. He is in good spirits about the ordeal. I spoke to his daughter last night and it was a flesh wound, in and out. No serious damage of any kind... very lucky.
A lot of people have been very curious about how bad that wound was, so this is welcome information.

A bit further down page 50, there is some more fascinating information that I have not seen anywhere else:
 Gov. Abbott called both Security officer and GPD officer today to express his gratitude to both.
That post is confirmed with a press release from Governor Abbott's office.
This is what you expect a savvy politician to do.  It is telling that the Obama administration has not done anything similar.

Then, on page 53, we get this confirmation of what I have read elsewhere, that it was a Glock in .45 caliber that was used.   It is put forward by the same source for the ankle wound information.  It is a good indication the the officer is a gun guy, along with his superb shooting, of course:   

I can confirm it was a Glock 21 used. At least one mag used and 2 head shots.

Apparently the msm is reporting a glock .40 which is incorrect.
 To sum up, credible rumors that the security officer (Bruce Joiner, from both the thread and Governor Abbott's press release) is recovering well, with little permanent effect; that Governor Abbott called the Garland officers to express thanks (confirmed); and that the officer doing the shooting was using a Glock model 21 (Glock model 21s are only made in .45 ACP caliber). 

All interesting information, and hard to find on any of the old media.

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