Thursday, May 28, 2015

TX: Knife Preemption to Governor Abbott, Decriminalization of Knives "double-crossed" by Whitmire

Good and bad news for Texas knife law reform.  The good news is that HB 905 is headed to Governor Abbott's desk.  If only one knife reform bill is to pass this session, this is the preferred one.   The bad news is that knife decriminalization seems to have been killed.

In a spot of good news, HB 905 (knife preemption) is on its way to Governor Abbott. Unfortunately, HB 3884 (decriminalization of "illegal" knives) was killed after Senator Whitmire double-crossed us. He agreed to sponsor HB 3884 and hear it in his committee, in order to get one of his own bills out of the author's (Rep. Harold Dutton) committee.

Then, after passing the bill out of committee (on unanimous vote) and recommending it for the Local and Uncontested Calendar, he pulled it down. 
I have not  been able to confirm the comment by Bladed, but he has been a very reliable source.   I know that HB 905 was on the "Local & Uncontested" calendar, and that HB 3884 had not been listed there.

I suspect that it is too late in the session to resurrect HB 3884, which was probably Senator Whitmire's strategy.

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FiftycalTX said...

The leftists have used every trick in the book to thwart the good gun bills. Now campus carry is on life support. The amended version is worse than current law. The dims in the House got to put in an amendment that would let ALL universitys and colleges BAN GUNS from campus. Current law allows carry on campus but not in a building. This was Straus's strategy all along. The Senate bill has been in the house since MARCH. I'm with the tea party and want Straus to GO!

Anonymous said...

Simple solution get a majority and file a bill to repeal the back stabbers bill.

Dean Weingarten said...

Texas legislative rules require that bills be filed and meet certain deadlines. Once past a time limit, no more bills can be filed. By waiting until that limit to "pull" a bill that had gone through most of the process, a legislator can effectively "kill" a bill that has strong and broad support.

There are numerous bills that are popular and vying for legislators time and attention.