Sunday, May 24, 2015

BBC: Somalia beach Guard with Leather AK Mag Pouches

As I watched a BBC news story about how order is being restored to Somalia, I could not help but notice the beach guard with his AK 47 and the very nice,  leather magazine pouches for 30 round magazines.   They seem to be attached to a load bearing system with shoulder straps.  From the uniformity of the pouches, it appears to be at least a local cottage industry.  The top flap seems to protect the magazines from sand, and I expect that in Somalia, a desert country, mold and decay are not huge problems. 

I wonder how the leather is cured.   I caused some finish damage to a rifle that I had, because I left it in a Mexican leather scabbard.  The Mexican leather was cured with a salt solution that promoted corrosion rather easily, I was told.

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Anonymous said...

Soak your rifle scabbard with neat's foot oil. See if that helps. You should be able to buy it at ACE.