Sunday, May 24, 2015

Minnesota Gun Law Reform Signed by Governor Dayton

Under the new law,  SF 878, Minnesotans will be able to legally purchase and own gun mufflers if they do so under the restrictions of federal law.  It is a step forward.

The law limits the ability of authorities to confiscate firearms during designated emergencies.

The possession of a permit to carry now constitutes the notification required to carry in court houses and certain state buildings.   People with a permit will not have to notify authorities in advance of their carrying in those areas.

Minnesota residents may now purchase firearms in any state in which it is allowed by that state's law and the Gun Control Act of 1968.

Recognition of permits from other states is changed from a list of states with "substantially similar" permit laws, to recognizing all state permits except those that are *not* "similar", with the list of those which are not similar to be published on the Internet by the Commissioner of Public Safety.  The Commissioner is appointed by the Governor.   The list of states that are not similar must be published annually.  The law goes into effect on 1 August, so we shall see if the Commissioner publishes a list before that date.

These reforms passed with considerable bipartisan support, and with large, veto proof margins.   Governor Dayton said that he would veto the gun reforms, but they were attached to an appropriations bill.  He would have shut down the State if he vetoed it as stated, so he signed the bill, and took credit for it instead.

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Addenum: If a list of states that are *not* similar is not published, then all permits will be recognized.  The law places the burden on the Ccommissioner, not on the permit holders.

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