Thursday, May 21, 2015

Open Carry in Lordsburg, NM

On my way to the NRA annual meeting, I passed through Lordburg, New Mexico on I-10.   It is a convenient place to fuel the truck and myself, so I pulled into a truck stop to grab a sandwich. 

Open  carry is protected by the New Mexico Constitution.  I was carrying a Glock 17 (9mm for those who have not kept up with Glock nomenclature).  The young woman behind the counter had a streak of purple hair, multiple piercings, a sizable tattoo on her right forearm, and was friendly, courteous, helpful, efficient and pleasant to speak with.   I could not ask for better service. 

I saw a couple of sheriff deputies walk in, in full armor.  I wondered if they might be going to SWAT training.  They glanced in my direction, I in theirs.  I would say that we each noted the presence of other armed persons. 

The manager at the cash register asked if I was carrying a .40 cal.  I said no, it was a 9mm, but the Glocks are the same size in both calibers.

I paid for my sandwich, and walked out the door to my truck.  Other than the friendly conversation, no one paid much attention.

That is the sort of experience most open carriers have in most places.  People generally do not care or do not notice.   Those that do, mostly do nothing.  The vast majority of interactions are of friendly interest.  

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dean. Safe travels. I've seen several folks open carry here in Reno at the grocery store and have yet to see anybody freak out.