Monday, May 25, 2015

AZ: Open Carry in Bullhead City Gun Shop, McDonalds

I was traveling up Arizona highway 95 from Yuma to Las Vegas to take care of some business.  I follow 95 through Bullhead City, to avoid crossing a little, but inconvenient, strip of California.   Just outside the southern city limits of Bullhead city, there is a gun shop, N.P. Gun Sales, on the east side of the highway.  I was looking for some 16 gauge buckshot loads, which are not that easy to come by.  It was a good excuse to check out the store.  The first thing that I noticed as I approached the door, was this sign.

As I was openly carrying a Glock 17, in a holster, the sign seemed reasonable and prudent.   Neil, the proprietor, was busy with some customers that were purchasing a suppressor when I came in, but attended to me as soon as he was able.   He did not have 16 gauge buckshot in the store, but said that he could order them.  When I told him that I was heading to Las Vegas, he said that I could probably find them there.  It was a nice stop, and I expect to stop again on the way back.

A few minutes later, after crossing the city limits, I stopped at a McDonald's to grab a bite.  While I was standing in line, a man approached me and thanked me for open carrying.

He said that this is why he had moved to Arizona from California, and that he was very glad to see that people actually exercised their Constitutional freedoms here.  He introduced me to his two sons.  I took their picture outside, where a shower had just wet the parking lot.  People have thanked me before, and it was obvious that this sign of freedom meant a lot to him.

The symbolism of open carry is something that not many people talk about, but it is clear that open carry is strong, effective, symbolic, political speech.   It shouts out "There are limits on government power!"

That statement is a powerful reason to openly carry.  It sends a strong message that encourages the friends of limited government, and dismays those who want an increasing powerful nanny state to control every aspect of our lives.

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