Monday, May 25, 2015

TX: Owner Shoots and Kills Burglary Suspect during struggle

The owner of a trucking company in northeast Houston shot and killed a man trying to steal from his business Friday night, authorities said.

According to Houston police, the owner of the shop in the 8500 block of Westcott near Camay returned to his shop, which is currently still under construction, around 9:45 p.m. and found a man inside trying to steal some items.

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Anonymous said...

There should never be a struggle. You simply say hey you freeze. If they turn around and take a step toward you drop them like a hot rock. you never let them get close enough to take your gun. Holding a gun at arms length is the stupidest thing anyone can do. learn to shoot with the gun close to your body in confined spaces. You only have to use the sights for long range shooting, out side. If you can not point your finger at a table lamp with your hand close to your body, hire a body guard. The gun barrel is an extension of pointing your finger. the bullets will go where you are pointing.