Saturday, May 23, 2015

Texas Knife Law Reform moving forward

There are two bills in the Texas legislature to reform the State's knife laws.  HB 905 adds knives to the state preemption law for firearms.  This will prevent people from unknowingly becoming criminals for local ordinances that they are unaware of.   The local ordiances are infamous for being selectively enforced.

The second bill, HB 3884 decriminalizes arms that are clearly protected under the second amendment, highly desired knives such as Bowie knives, daggers, swords, and spears.  Strange as it may seem, these knives were made illegal to carry during reconstruction in the 1870's, and the law is still on the books. 

Both bills are very popular, and passed the House unanimously.  Now they have passed the Senate Committee on Criminal Justice unanimously, and have been recommended for the "Local & Uncontested" list, where bills that are non-controversial are  passed in an expedited manner.  

It appears that the popular knife reforms are on the fast track.

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