Friday, May 29, 2015

WA: Did Robber, Wearing gas mask, when Shot at, Drop Gun?

In this story from Vancouver, Washington, a man in a gas mask attempts to rob a convenience store.  He has a gun and threatens the clerk.  He gets some money and leaves.   From katu.come:
The employee's friend took out his own firearm and followed the suspect outside, police said.

The suspect turned around and pointed his gun at the man, who in turn fired several shots at the suspect. Officials aren't sure if the suspect was hit.
What is not said in any story that I have read about the incident, is if the gas-masked suspect dropped the gun when fired upon.  Here is a picture from the katu story:

It appears to be the same gun used by the Gas Mask robber.   Did he drop it?

This is a developing story.  I will update it as I get more information.

The pistol shown appears to be a Smith & Wesson Sigma, the SW9VE variant.   

The gas mask looks like an Israeli surplus model, without the filter.

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