Monday, May 25, 2015

Dave Workman: True ‘common sense’ from an Indiana lawmaker

Gun prohibitionists repeatedly use the “common sense” argument to push their anti-Second Amendment agenda, but an Indiana state representative, writing yesterday in the Indianapolis Star may have trumped them all with a 353-word opinion on concealed carry that should apply to every state.

State Rep. Jim Lucas, a Seymour Republican, noted that he has previously introduced legislation to eliminate licensing requirements for citizens to carry a firearm. And then he laid it out in simple language that anyone can understand, provided they are not so mindlessly entrenched in the no-gun Utopia myth that they’ve abandoned reality.

“Making good people helpless will not make bad people harmless,” Lucas wrote.

Is there something about that observation that people don’t understand? Earlier in his short essay, Lucas had noted, “Once again, we are hearing the same tired rhetoric from those who wish to infringe upon, and even take away, the gun rights of innocent men and women.”

Reflecting what appears to be a national trend — it certainly is here in Washington State and literally anywhere else one keeps track of concealed pistol licenses — Lucas notes, “Applications for concealed carry permits in Indiana continue to explode as hundreds of thousands of Hoosier men and women realize that they are the first line of defense in protecting themselves and loved ones.”

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Anonymous said...

Following that thinking you could say. Gun free school zones is making our children targets and it has been proven many times that that is not good for their health. I'm sure all court clerks have been made bullet proof so bad people with guns will never hurt them and they will never need anyone else's help to stop the bad guys from shooting up their offices. These people never think correctly. that one or two armed deputies can easily be taken out with one or two shots. Then their notary stamps are swinging in the wind.

Anonymous said...

A more well armed society is a more polite society requiring less police and lowering taxes. If the criminal is on the ground they spend much less time hunting him down. They do not have to worry about getting an accurate description to put out an APB. The coroner may need an increase in his budget for more gasoline to operate his pickup van. Two in the chest and one in the head is a pretty easy autopsy.