Friday, May 22, 2015

Bob Owens: Journalists in Fantasyland: How Anti-Gun Media Convince Themselves Gun Ownership Is Declining

Bob does a good job with this article.

One of the more interesting aspects of covering firearms-related news is the volume of data that is out there showing consistent record growth.

Some of that is hard, quantifiable data, such as the statistics showing that firearms manufacturing has roughly tripled since President Obama took office, and doubled from 2010-2013.

The shooting sports industry is seeing not just record sales growth, but growth with incredible staying power. There hasn’t been the expected surge and then crash many expected post-Sandy Hook. There was a tremendous surge, and then sales of nearly everything have remained near peak levels. From firearms to ammunition to holsters, slings, optics and other accessories, there now appears to be a “new normal” median level of consumption, though we’ve not be able to peg precisely what that new normal is just yet as we don’t yet know what that carrying capacity might be.

But what do we know beyond this apparently across-the-board, record-setting sales surge? After all, supporters of gun control are attempting to claim that while sales are up, gun ownership is actually down (PDF).

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Anonymous said...

Democrats also think they can spend their way out of debt, it never worked for me. I have always had to pay my bills out of the money I have.

Anonymous said...

I think I remember seeing an article some time ago that claimed there was at least one gun in this country for every citizen. Some guns wear out and others are destroyed but the manufacturing output is strong and strong enough to out pace the lost destroyed or worn out guns. Buying a gun is like buying your first tool, you always have to have another tool then the accessories that make that tool better and more versatile. I started making my own shoulder holsters and gun belts now (double and single) I have four shoulder holster sets and 14 gun belts, a rifle scabbard and bandoliers and ammo pouches. 15 sets of reloading dies and four presses. four shotguns and rifle slings for most of my rifles. Waiting to get the 9mm Beretta M92. I want to make another shoulder holster set. That will give me two Berettas. finding enough magazines is the next problem. Anyone have a Berretta model 74 mag. I would like to get at least 4 more.