Sunday, May 31, 2015

AZ: Open Carry on top of the Mountain

I feel mostly recovered after a lingering virus with a nasty cough.  As related in another post, I was able to experience what it is like to be old, sick, and tired (while open carrying).   I had not conducted my usual exercise regime for nearly two months, being interrupted by travel, care for the new Grandson, and illness.

Yesterday morning I did a hundred crunches, then drove back to Yuma from Las Vegas.  I have found crunches to be helpful in strengthening the core and relieving lower back pain.

I usually climb a mountain twice a week as part of my regular exercise.  I should add that it is a small mountain, and climbing it consists of walking up the access road to the antenna farm.  It is a popular means of exercise.  The gain is about 1200 feet, and the round trip is close to three miles.

When I was pushing myself, I did it under in under an hour; for maintenance, I routinely did it in an hour and a half.  This morning took an hour and forty minutes, which I was pleased with, as I did not push and had not done it for nearly two months.

A young lady at the top was kind enough to take my picture.   People who climb the mountain seem to be a cut above the average, but a number of cars were broken into at the parking area, about a year ago.  Surprisingly, the perpetrators were caught by an alert officer only a few days later.

I have never seen a rattlesnake on the climb, but some have.  They leave people alone, and we do not molest them. 

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