Thursday, June 18, 2015

ADAM B. SUMMERS: Killing two constitutional rights with one stone

Supporters of the Second Amendment have much to be proud of in recent years, from Supreme Court victories such as Heller and McDonald, to the relaxation or elimination of various states’ restrictions on the right to carry and the defeat of federal gun control measures pushed during the emotionally-charged wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. Moreover, violent crime rates, and gun crimes in particular, have enjoyed a long, steady decline while, at the same time, gun sales and deregulation have increased, providing empirical support for the “more guns, less crime” theory. But this has not deterred the Obama administration from seeking more controls on law-abiding gun owners.

President Barack Obama signed 23 gun-related executive orders in the weeks following the Sandy Hook tragedy, though their effects were limited. The Justice Department recently announced that it is pursuing at least a dozen gun regulations that gun rights organizations contend are infringements upon the constitutional rights of many harmless individuals, including veterans, and would render victims of domestic violence defenseless against abusive spouses. Now, the State Department is revising arms trafficking regulations and redefining them so as to stifle discussion of guns and ammunition specifications over the Internet.

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Anonymous said...

His executive order are not worth poop. Constitutionally the president has absolutely zero law making authority. The BATFE has no gun regulating authority, congress can not create an agency to infringe on our second amendment guaranteed rights congress is forbidden to pass laws that infringe on our second amendment right and therefore can not create an agency to do the infringing for them. The tenth amendment reinforces the second amendment limitations so as to prevent the states from infringing on our second amendment rights. I sure wish more people would actually read the constitution.

Anonymous said...

The justice department has no authority or power to create law, The constitution states all laws must originate in Congress.