Sunday, June 14, 2015

AR: Steve Jones: Legislature's permission not needed for right to bear arms in Arkansa

Northwest Arkansas TV station KNWA is reporting that three Republican state legislators are requesting a state attorney general opinion on whether open carry is legal in Arkansas. Along with that request, there are some rumblings about Act 746 requiring legislative “clarification”. However, some gun rights advocates, including myself, say any legislative meddling with the right to bear arms would be a form of gun control.

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Unknown said...

You're right. "...shall not be infringed" means any legislation is un-constitutional. Do you have the $$ to wage that war? Do you want to take a chance on a jury of id10ts not to convict you? Let the legislature handle it. They know where we stand in Arkansas. They can clarify it and leave no "doubts".

Anonymous said...

They cant bring you to trial until they arrest you. I would rather die standing on the constitution than to submit to a group of idiots. There is no cost to standing up for what is right, except for the ammo you may use defending yourself. How many of my posts have you read concerning the constitution? the tenth amendment actually forbids the states the authority to address the second amendment issue. anything not covered in the federal constitution is left to the states or to the people. the second amendment is clearly in the federal constitution therefore the states legislatures have no authority to address the second amendment issue. Wake up smell the fresh air and start reading the constitution. Doubts? If I had no doubts the legislature of every state would repeal all second amendment issue laws. The US congress did not have the authority to create the BATFE. they can not create an agency that does the infringing for them. All BATFE regulations are infringements because they are not laws passed by congress. All law making authority must originate in congress. regulations are not laws they are infringements by definition. Congress has no authority to pass any gun laws or acts. the government is not permitted to have more powerful weapons that the people that created the government. The government did not create the people the people created the government and the government is forbidden to increase it authority without the approval of the people. any issue would require a constitutional amendment. Where are those constitutional amendment approved by the people?