Monday, June 22, 2015

David Codrea (Gun Rights Examiner) and Examiner Part Company

David Codrea is a pillar of freedom fighters and Second Amendment supporters.  He and Mike Vanderbough broke the Fast and Furious scandal of the Obama administration encouraging the running of guns into Mexico.  He has numerous awards from the Second Amendment Foundation, the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and even from Soldier of Fortune magazine.   I consider David to be a role model, and I am proud to call him a colleague.

It is with mixed feelings that I report on his parting of the ways with

I read many columns that David wrote as the Gun Rights Examiner.  His column was a ground breaking example at that inspired many local gun rights examiners such as Dave Workman, Liston Matthews, Steve D. Jones, Kurt Hofmann, John Longenecker, and others.  He engendered an army of gun rights examiners that did tremendous work in reporting what the old media refused to report.  But the Examiner vehicle had intrinsic problems.

It was always loaded down with pop-ups, ads, and took enormous bandwidth to view easily.   I hear rumors that the owners were constantly reducing the rates that they had agreed to pay writers.  I found the format irritating and I suffered with it only because of David Codrea and the writers that he inspired.

Now I have learned that David was suffering with the Examiner management as well.  Just a couple of weeks ago, David and parted ways.  It was not an amiable departure.   You can read what happened at the link.   I am saddened that a tower of achievement such as David was treated so shabbily.  I find myself disgusted that could not see what a valuable asset they are discarding.   But I have faith that this will work to David's ultimate advantage.    How is uncertain.

David is such a fountain of talent and integrity that I cannot help but believe that there is a special niche awaiting him, where his value will be known and rewarded.   In much of the old media, lies and manipulation are rewarded.  The ability to mislead is valued and supported.

I do not believe that is true of all the new media.   The new media is much more transparent, much more responsive, and is undergoing tremendous change.  Change involves difficulties and opportunities, and I am certain that David is experiencing some difficulties at this time.   You might want to visit his waronguns blog, simply to leave a word or more of encouragement.

The war on the Constitution ultimately is a war on Truth itself.  David is a mighty warrior who follows the truth, wherever it may lead.  He will be an asset wherever he goes.  Finding a way to pay the bills while following the truth is the challenge.

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