Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Is the Pope just another crazy Leftist?

How about condemning pedophile priests instead of condemning guns?


Anonymous said...

The Catholic church has zero credibility on moral issues. An organization which has been the catalyst for the crusades, inquisition, witch burnings/drownings and for years covered up the pedophiles in its midst has no moral high ground. Coupled with the fact the Vatican used to produce it own weapons with the Vatican seal stamped in the base plate has a lot of nerve criticizing current gun manufacturers. The church has been a great denier of truth for centuries, science can attest to this fact. Now this clown of a pope has the nerve to spout nonsense concerning weapons and climate change. Who the heck cares what this pompous idiot thinks?

Anonymous said...

Here's a check list for Communist Goals, see how many The Pope has endorsed to date:

And BTW Anonymous you know nothing of Catholic history so go back to Media Matters