Saturday, June 20, 2015

AZ: Gun Friendly Rest Stops (and a snake)

I have been doing some traveling the last couple of days, so the output is down.  The scenery has been great, and in getting ready for the trip I encountered the snake pictured above.   I believe it is a red coachwhip, aptly named, as it is so long and slender.  This specimen was about four feet long.  It was sunning itself in a tire track on the way out to the ranch.

I find desert wildlife fascinating, and I try not to kill any without good reason.   I stopped, took some pictures, and intimidated the snake off the track before continuing on my way.

A short way into the trip, I stopped at the Sentinel rest area.  I had not stopped there in a while, and I wanted to check to see if they had the proper signs. They did.

If you read the list of prohibitions, you will not find any that involve guns or being armed.  Activists fought for that restoration of freedom back in the 1990's.   Someone in the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) had independently decided to ban guns at rest stops in Arizona.  I never found who made the decision to ban guns, but second amendment activists noticed, and forced replacement of the signs.  I intend to stop at each rest area along the way and see if the proper signs are in place.

Banning the carry of firearms at rest stops is an attempt to make the routine exercise of the Second Amendment inconvenient,frustrating, and legally hazardous. 

It is a direct infringement and attack on the Constitution.

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