Monday, June 29, 2015

Free Meal with Concealed Handgun License

Chicken Express, located at 2 Warnock Springs Rd in Magnolia, Arkansas, is offering a free meal to people who present a concealed handgun license at their location on July 4th, 2015.   From
On Saturday July 4th we will be giving a FREE #1 combo to anyone with a Conceal Handgun License.
This will be DINE IN ONLY.

You must have your License with you! We hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July!
There have been a number of other businesses that welcome both the open and concealed carry of firearms and offer promotions based on the same.  There are many advantages to such an offer.

First is the attraction of a prosperous, well educated, and responsible clientèle.  People who have concealed carry permits or CHLs, whatever the local idiom many be, have been shown to be all of the above.  They are better educated, more prosperous, and are more responsible than the general population.   They are precisely the type of customer that a business would want to attract and keep.

Secondly, there is the increase in store security.  It takes an especially stupid criminal to decide to attempt a robbery at a place that is openly attracting legally armed citizens.  It may still happen.  Many criminals are stupid, many are functionally illiterate, and many are high on drugs or alcohol or a combination when they commit their crimes.  But just as you seldom see cop bars or gun stores as the victims of robberies, there is a clear deterrent effect.

The market will favor signs such as the one above over the dwindling number of "gun free zone" signs.

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