Monday, June 15, 2015

The president's pistol

Ronald Reagan carried a gun with him at all times and stashed it in his briefcase whilst he was away on official business.

An American author has claimed that the former president never left the White House without a .38 caliber pistol by his side.

He even took it on Air Force One in case a disturbance broke out in mid-air said Brad Meltzer, who writes political thrillers.

Meltzer did not specify when the President started carrying the firearm, though it could well have been after the attempt on his life.


Wireless.Phil said...

Looks like the Daily Mail got that story from the New York Daily.
Don't know if they're connected some how, but even ABC News gets storys from the Daily Mail.

EXCLUSIVE: President Ronald Reagan's biggest secret: He packed heat in his ...
New York Daily News - ‎Jun 13, 2015‎
Yet the more I thought about this new piece of news, the more I started wondering: If Reagan could carry a gun, what have other Presidents carried with them? To find the answer, I contacted former President George H.W. Bush, who's been kind enough to

Anonymous said...

Reagan was a two-faced hypocrite. Either that, or he was not a 'law-abiding citizen':

"There’s no reason why a law-abiding person should be carrying a gun on the street."
- California Gov. Ronald Reagan, when Black Panthers carried rifles into the State House.

jonjayray said...

Mr Anonymous

If you had been shot in the head you might rethink too

18650 Jony said...

1) IF the Secret Service allowed Reagan to carry around a gun, you can be sure they would have secretly disabled it beforehand. 2) The President doesn't 'carry' a briefcase. 3) Quote from the link: "Reagan was the first serving president to survive an assassination attempt" Except for Jackson, Franklin Roosevelt, Truman, and Ford.