Wednesday, June 24, 2015

President Obama's Angry Projection on Guns

In a podcast with far left comedian Marc Maron, President Obama put forward a typical "first step" toward further infringement of Second Amendment rights.  Building on the existing, ineffective background check system, President Obama posited these "standards".  From the
“The question is just, is there a way of accommodating that legitimate set of [hunting and sporting] traditions with some common-sense stuff that prevents a 21-year-old who’s angry about something — or confused about something, or is racist, or is deranged — from going into a gun store, and suddenly he’s packing and can do enormous harm?”
There is no question that the President made the remarks, as they are also quoted on the leftwing

Others have noted that these are not real standards, simply emotional labels that would allow someone to use their political power to deny some people their constitutional rights.  This is a favorite tactic of statists,.  They do not wish the rule of law, they wish the rule of man.

What I find fascinating about President Obama's "standards" are that they appear to be pure projection.  Other than the age, which seems unlikely to be upheld by any court (but courts only rarely hold this administration in check), all of the reasons for preventing a person from owning a gun could apply directly to President Obama.  Let's see:

"angry about something"   Check.  When hasn't the President been angry about something?

"confused about something" Check.  This President is confused about nearly everything, at least he seems so from his speeches.

"racist"  Check.  This is the most racist President that I have ever seen.  Consider his "typical white woman" remarks about his own grandmother, his inserting of race into every policy issue, his jumping to the side of the black person before any facts are know about any particular incident.

"deranged"  Uncertain, many have claimed that President Obama is a narcissist, but many others believe that what appears to be insane may simply be the rational enactment of what he really wants.    But this restriction does not really matter, because it is already U.S. law.

President Obama, by his own words has shown that he believes that he should never be trusted with owning a gun, because "suddenly he’s packing and can do enormous harm”

The potential to do harm by owning a gun is minuscule compared the potential to do harm by owning the Presidency.

We have been seeing that harm for the past seven years.  The economy is in shambles, the national debt has increased by 70%, race relations are at their lowest point in forty years, and war is breaking out in Europe and much of the Middle East and Africa due to this President's policies.

I would like to see the President apply his own standards to his own conduct, but he never has, and he never will.   Being the first black President means never having to answer to anyone.  Rationality, consistency, or logic have never applied to President Obama.

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Anonymous said...

I can not resist telling you this. I can read Obama like a book. He is a narsacistic sociopath. I have ten years of experiencing living with an narsacisitc sociopath with multiple personality disorder and she was a narsacistic sociopath in all eight personalities. she saw her self as a siren or an assassin and was the perfect liar, almost. I managed to get her on medications for a while, that helped but then she refused to take the meds. If Obama has a multiple personality disorder I'm sure he is a liar in all of them. Hitler demanded his parliament give him increased powers then after he dissolved the parliament he twisted that power into giving himself the power to kill any one he pleased He created the SS (DHS) everything Hitler did was legal under the German laws because of the laws he demanded his parliament pass then he got rid of them so they could not stop him.