Friday, June 26, 2015

Brazil Motorcycle Cop Shoots two (video)

In this video that is said to be from Brazil, a motorcycle officer is involved in a chase after two people on another motorcycle.   The passenger on the motorcycle being chased throws a spare helmet at the pursuing officer.  We do not know the backstory, but the motorcycle being chased crashes into a pole, perhaps a power pole.  The officer is able to slow down, stops his bike feet from the crashed cyclists, draws a pistol, and opens fire on them.  He appears to shoot at least four times.

It is difficult to shoot from a motorcycle if you are the only rider.  I note that the officer draws and fires his pistol with his left hand, which normally controls the clutch, while the right hand controls the throttle.  He may have put the motorcycle into neutral before letting go of the clutch, or there may be special controls on the police motor cycles.

Notice that the lettering in the caption is reversed. I wonder if the images are reversed as well. If so, the motorcycle cop could be shooting with his right hand, which would make more sense, as his left could hold in the clutch while his right foot could work the rear brake.

Link to video on Imgur

Yes, the images are reversed.  Here is the video on Youtube.  It is a bit longer.  It appears that the motorcycle cop shoots the passenger during the chase, and that is why the pursued motorcycle crashes.


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