Friday, June 19, 2015

SC Church Shooting was in "Gun Free" Zone

Nine people were killed late Wednesday at Charleston Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.  The white killer is still at large.
Not surprising that yet another mass public shooting has taken place where guns were banned.  Yet, again, the ban only ensured that the victims were vulnerable.  Here is a synopsis of South Carolina law:
Some related writings on the issue of gun-free zones.

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Wireless.Phil said...

Of course Obama tried to turn this into a gun control issue.

And he caught hell for it too!
These idiots don't seam to understand its not guns!

What if the killer went in and sprayed bleach, or acid, or a strong alkaline which is as bad as acid, or he just spread gasoline around, let it run under the pews after the service started? They'd never smell the gasoline until it was too late!

He could have even watched US national TV news tell us how the Boston bomber made a pressure cooker bomb! Christ, they gave us all the details on how the idiot did it right in thd news reports!!

Don't blame a gun, he could have used anything!!

Blaim the stupid media for broadcasting the bomb info worldwide!

Wireless.Phil said...

Political agenda.
Got to get them points!

Obama 'Not Resigned' on Gun Control After Charleston South Carolina Shooting
Jun 19, 2015, 6:19 PM ET
ARLETTE SAENZ More From Arlette »
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Anonymous said...

Any one can make a working weapon anyone can make a functional explosive. It is not rocket science. You can make deadly weapons from many things commonly used in house hold products. It is ridiculous to think any kind of gun laws will stop any one from making a deadly weapon if they are intent on hurting someone. We are endeared by our creator with the right to protect our life and the lives of others. thou shall not kill is wrongly translated it is actually thou shall not commit murder. that is very different from thou shall not kill. The problem is too many claim to be Christians and are no more than ignorant religious fanatics. Maybe if they would attend church they could learn what Christianity really is instead of spouting what they really do not know. CINO would be a good acronym for most Americans, Christians in name only.