Friday, June 26, 2015

AK: Details on Charging Kodiak stopped with a .44 Mag Revolver

The bear was roughly 9 feet tall and started its charge at about 20 yards away. The man shot the bear by the time it moved half that distance, Svoboda said.

"It all happened in really tight quarters," he said. "He shot at it five times before it finally stopped and then once it was on the ground, it was still moving. So he shot it one more time and then it died."

Alaska State Troopers said the shooting occurred near a home off Sharatin Road in the city of Kodiak. Troopers identified the man who shot and killed the bear as Hamilton Long, 49. Fish and Game received the bear hide and skull.

"Hamilton shot and killed the bear in defense of his life at close range," troopers said.

Svoboda said he wanted to emphasize that "this particular individual did everything right."

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