Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dave Workman: Essay in ‘The Week’ cuts to heart of U.S. gun rights debate

An essay appearing in today’s edition of The Week, authored by Jeb Golinkin, so clearly explains the backbone of the Second Amendment movement in this country that anyone but a closed-minded gun prohibitionist should understand why millions of citizens so zealously defend their right to keep and bear arms.

It’s not that Golinkin comes across as a hardcore right to keep and bear arms absolutist (he doesn't); he alludes in the third paragraph to another article, written earlier this week by David Frum, that no hardcore gun rights activist is going to like at all. But Golinkin’s piece does sum up why millions of Americans passionately resist and revile any erosion of their fundamental civil right.

“The gun rights movement is about individual freedom and American individualism,” Golinkin writes. “These are people who believe in their right and obligation to control their own fate by carrying a firearm to protect themselves and those around them, even if that might disadvantage those who choose not to.

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Anonymous said...

I must be one of the most dangerous because I prefer a lever action or a pump action weapon to a semi or full auto weapon because I would prefer to make one head shot than spray hoping to hit something. it takes far less ammo to make a good kill shot than trying to spray them down. I would much rather have two hundred kills than 10 empty mags and hit nothing. Sure firing on full auto is fun but worthless for accuracy. The question is do you want to have fun or live longer. Carry 200 rounds and extra food and water or a thousand rounds to be picked up and used by the ones that kill you. The guns I carry allow me to carry several hundred rounds and my food and water. If you cant shoot just carry the ammo for someone that can shoot. The larger the caliber the heavier the ammo, How many possible shots do you get that are over 500 yards. Shots over 500 yards are the only reason to have the much larger calibers. A 22 mag has a range of one and one half miles even in a pistol. A .223 is worthless after 500 yards but it can be reloaded and 22 mags cant be. Ever watch a .223 tracer at night fire? it is made for close range spraying.