Sunday, June 21, 2015

Nevada Expands Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity

Nevada has added ten states whose permits it will recognize, dropped Michigan and New Mexico, and will recognize both permits from Idaho and North Dakota instead of only their enhanced permit.   Here is the list of states that Nevada will recognize, as of June 18th, 2015. 

From Nevada Division of Public Safety(pdf):
Pursuant to SB 175 and AB 488 of the 2015 Legislative Session, the State of Nevada will recognize concealed weapons permits from the following states:

Idaho (both types of permits)
North Carolina
North Dakota (both types of permits)
Rhode Island
South Carolina
West Virginia
The ten states added are:
  • AZ
  • DE
  • LA
  • MN
  • MT
  • OK
  • RI
  • WV
  • WI
  • WY
Both types of permits are now accepted for Idaho and North Dakota.

In 2014, Nevada recognized the permits from these states.  I do not know how  long the link will be good, because the policy has changed
  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • Idaho "Enhanced" Permit*
  • Illinois
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Michigan
  • Nebraska
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota "Class 1" Permit*
  • Ohio
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
It is unknown why Michigan and New Mexico were dropped from the list, or why more states were not added.

Nevada has a very unusual qualifier for its reciprocity list.  It requires the Nevada Sheriffs' and Chiefs' Association to approve of any state on the list compiled by the Department of Public Safety.   This is a very strange delegation of considerable power to a non-elected entity that is by nature, private.  It seems a poor precedent to give an organization of law enforcers the ability to decide what the law is.

Update: AB488 amends SB175 to remove the Nevada Sheriff's and Chiefs' Association power to veto states from the reciprocity list.

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Anonymous said...

Exactly! there is no authority to give one person or a group of persons the authority to determine which other persons are allowed to exercise their federally guaranteed rights. Crossing any city, county or state boundary does not demish any ones federally guaranteed constitutional rights. There is nothing in the federal constitution that allows any government entity. to license, tax or regulate any federally guaranteed right. No one needs any other persons permission to exercise any right. to tax, license, permit or regulate in any manner turns a right into a privilege. We have a bill of rights not a bill of privileges. Government is our servant we are not government slaves.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Dean. Happy fathers day and happy summer. I guess with the recent session of the NV legislature controlled by the republicrats, we should feel thankful that we didn't actually lose some stuff. Not sure if we would have been any worse for wear if the dems had been in charge. Much in fighting and backstabbing. Big thanks to the recently (s)elected representatives. NOT!

paratrooper82 said...

Michigan just eliminated their "County Gun Boards" in which the local County sheriff was a member. The new law goes into effect on Dec. 1. I suspect Nevada did not like that so they dumbed Michigan because the State did not conform to their socialist liberal power structure.

82nd ABN Div. 1/508th BN

Anonymous said...

Michigan was dropped because it does not share open NLETS system CPL holders information without a reason given for the inquiry.