Thursday, June 25, 2015

AK: Man uses .44 Mag to stop Charging Kodiak Bear

A Kodiak homeowner shot and killed a 9-foot-tall bear on his lawn after it charged him. The Kodiak Daily Mirror reports Tuesday Hamilton Long fired six rounds at the 1,000-pound bear. Alaska State Troopers Kodiak Post supervisor Sgt. Eric Olsen says Long emptied the cylinder of his .44 Magnum revolver. He says an investigator determined Long acted in self-defense.

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Wireless.Phil said...


Thirsty worker held at gunpoint, man has guns taken away.

June 24th.

WESTLAKE — A Sheffield Lake man never thought he’d be held at gunpoint for taking a drink from a water spigot, but that’s what he told police happened Monday.
As a result, Michael Testa, 67, of Walden Drive, was arrested on charges accusing him of abduction, aggravated menacing and using weapons while intoxicated. He posted $10,000 bond Wednesday in Rocky River Municipal Court and had to surrender the five handguns, six rifles and shotgun police found in his home following the incident.