Saturday, May 07, 2016

AL: Homeowner Catches Burglar, Holds for Police

That’s when Taylor grabbed his pistol and held the burglar up until police could get there.

“He was compliant with what I told him to do. But he was scared he was real scared,” said Taylor “He kept saying he didn’t move anything and I probably would have let him go if he didn’t just stop lying and then when I saw all my stuff pulled out and he was going to steal it, it kind of made me angry”
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Wireless.Phil said...

.22 and here I thought it was a starter-pistol.
Just never know?

Anonymous said...

there is an old saying about something getting hotter than a 2 dollar pistol. I guess that saying came from back when colt 44-40s sold new for 12 dollars. about 1898. I saw the add in an original mail order catalog. My most expensive pistol is a custom made target pistol ,22lr caliber worth about 2,000 dollars. My favorite is a .22 mag Ruger single six convertible. extra cylinder for .22lr. with a 9.5 inch barrel. I have two and back them up with a .357 mag/.38 convertible to 9mm. good thing about these calibers is they have rifles to match and you can carry the same ammo for both. completely different results with rifle and pistol using the same ammo. Rossi 357 lever action. scoped .22lr rifle. a .22lr gives you a huge ammo carrying capacity. You can carry far more .22mag, 22lr, 357, 38 and 9mm than you can 30-06 for the same weight. I'm always making leather extra ammo pouches. the space and weight for 200 rounds of 30-30/30-06 takes up the same as 2500 rounds of .22lr. I do hate to run out. I make speed loaders for .22lr rifles.