Tuesday, March 28, 2006

California nutcase taken out: "The random shootings took less than five minutes, leaving an Elk Grove man dead, two others seriously wounded and a city in shock. Aaron Dunn, 28, is under arrest at UC Davis Medical Center after he allegedly shot three victims whom he didn't know, according to Sacramento County Sheriff's Department Sgt. R. L. Davis. John Johnson, 46, of Elk Grove was killed when he was shot in the face as he stood by his car outside Mandango's Sports Bar and Grill. Another man, also 46, whose name has not been released, was shot in the head through his car window in front of his wife and two young children in the parking lot of Chili's Restaurant. He remains hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. Dunn, who is from the Yuba City-Marysville area, remains hospitalized in critical condition after he was shot by police officers. He will be charged with homicide, attempted homicide and assault on police officers if he survives, Davis said. The first shots were reported to the police at 7:47 p.m. Saturday. It ended minutes later when two Elk Grove police officers shielded innocent bystanders and fired at the suspect when he pointed his shotgun at them. Dunn allegedly opened fire with a 12-gauge shotgun first at Chili's, then jumped into his car and headed east on Laguna Boulevard before crashing. He got out of his car and fired shots at passing cars before shooting another unidentified victim in the back near a McDonald's. He ended up at Mandangos where he shot and killed Johnson. There, Elk Grove police officers shielded bystanders and shot Dunn.

IN: Governor recognizes Hoosiers' rights: "Gov. Mitch Daniels signed into law legislation endorsing Indiana residents' right to use deadly force against intruders, a change that prevents courts from ruling that individuals should flee first before using a gun. The legislation signed into law Tuesday states that Hoosiers do not have to retreat before using deadly force to prevent serious bodily injury to themselves or someone else. Indiana did not previously require residents to retreat before using a gun or other deadly weapon. The new law, however, clarifies state law and prevents courts from determining that Hoosiers should run before using a gun. 'This bill would eliminate any duty to retreat that a court might decide is necessary,' said Rep. Eric Koch, R-Bedford, the bill's author. The law makes Indiana one of only three states, along with Florida and South Dakota, with a deadly force law. Fifteen other states are considering similar legislation, according to the National Rifle Association."

MD: Robbery victim identified "The owner of at least one gasoline station has now been identified as the man who turned the tables on a gang of violent bandits Friday in a parking lot at the Village of Cross Keys. Police confirm that Mark Beckwith of Bel Air was the man being beaten as he left his car, apparently on his way to a Columbia Bank branch in the Cross Keys shopping center off Falls Road in north Baltimore Friday afternoon. Beckwith was able to get back to his sedan and get his handgun, which he fired. One of the attackers soon died at Sinai Hospital, while another one was wounded in the hand. That man, 29-year-old Corey Mcleaurin, was treated at two hospitals and has been charged by police in connection with the attack on Beckwith, who is 57. Authorities say that Beckwith has a permit to legally carry a handgun. While the specific reason he was issued such a permit has not yet been released, in Maryland concealed carry permits are given to persons who carry quantities of cash or valuables or who have reason to believe they may be under threat."

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