Wednesday, March 01, 2006

FL: Guns at work bill fails after heated debate: "Legislators and business leaders could not reach an agreement on a proposed bill that would have allowed employees to keep firearms in their vehicles at work. A tentative compromise two weeks ago had suggested that house bill 129 was on the track to passage, but Wednesday, a one and a half hour debate led to the bill being temporarily postponed. When it came down to the specific language, no agreement was reached, said Rep. Dennis Baxley, R-Ocala, who had sponsored the bill. 'I feel very strongly about property rights and about my responsibility for safety, but I also care deeply about the second amendment,' he said. Some opponents saw the outcome as a defeat for the NRA."

LA: Man saves cop: "No arrests will be made in the death of 24-year-old George Temple II, a local businessman shot and killed by a witness during a scuffle with a Baton Rouge police officer on Friday. ... Perry Stephens fired a shot to Temple's head after witnessing a fight between Temple and Officer Brian Harrison ... Stephens walked out of the AutoZone and got his weapon after hearing Harrison, who was fighting with Temple on the ground, yell for help. As Stephens, who was wearing a neck brace and using a cane, walked toward the men, he heard shots and Harrison again call for help. At that point, Stephens asked Temple to get off Harrison, Phares said. When Temple did not comply, he shot Temple four times in the chest. Stephens ordered Temple again to get off Harrison. When he did not comply, he shot Temple in the head, killing him, Phares said."

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