Thursday, March 30, 2006

TN: Expanding the right to self defense : "Senate Bill 2672, the Tennessee Castle Doctrine Bill sponsored by Senator Don McLeary (R-Jackson), seeks to expand the right of self-defense. The bill would extend that right to permit a person to use the same deadly force now allowed in a person's residence to the immediate area and buildings around the residence and to other dwellings and vehicles. The bill, also known as the Stand Your Ground Bill, is scheduled for a hearing in Senate Judiciary Committee this week. 'All law-abiding citizens have an innate right to self-defense, whether they are in their home, their barn, or their car,' stated Senator McLeary. A person's home is that person's castle is a long-recognized principle that has been eroded away over the years. This bill will help restore our self-defense zone."

TX: Off-duty guard fatally shoots man : "An off-duty security guard fired at three men who attempted to rob him, leaving one of the men dead and another wounded early Sunday, police said. According to a police report, Rudy Perez, 21, one of the three, died from his injuries. The other two, one of whom was wounded in the thigh, were booked on aggravated robbery charges. The men pulled up in a car at about 3 a.m. in the 200 block of South Navidad, passing the guard, whose friend had given him a ride home after his shift at a local nightclub, the report said. The guard told police that one of the men walked toward him with a pistol pointed at him. He said he feared for his life, pulled his own pistol and fired at the man. He continued to shoot as the man jumped in the car and it sped away, the report said. Police apprehended the men after they arrived at Christus Santa Rosa Hospital."

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