Thursday, March 16, 2006


"I suspect there's not a person interested in Second Amendment matters out there who doesn't know by now that Angel Shamaya - the founder of - has been arrested on firearms charges in Michigan. Activists have already stepped forward to offer character references* for his first hearing and to organize the collection of donations to cover his legal fees.

According to the sketchy information available, Shamaya is accused of having four unregistered guns in Michigan. Shamaya, who only recently relocated, is said to have been in the process of registering the firearms when a complaint brought a SWAT team to his door. The charges against Shamaya are (fortunately, under the circumstances) misdemeanors, and he's currently free on bond.

It's been suggested that the original complaint against Shamaya was filed maliciously. I have no reason to argue with that supposition. Malicious or not, however, the only question the authorities will be asking is whether or not Shamaya broke the law, and it doesn't matter to them whether or not he was in the process of arranging for compliance at the time....

Angel Shamaya hasn't really done anything wrong. But then a lot of people who haven't really done anything wrong somehow find themselves in trouble, too. Let's hope that Shamaya's notoriety and his numerous supporters will bring some attention to such miscarriages of justice as he's now enduring. And let's hope that, should the case make it to a jury, the jury does nothing. Meanwhile, if you're inclined to do anything, offer whatever support you can to Shamaya."

More here. More comments on the Shamaya case here and here.

OH: Central-city homeowner shoots, injures intruder: "Toledo police said a man was shot by a homeowner early Saturday after the man allegedly broke into the central-city home. Police, responding to a burglary-in-progress call at 1566 Buckingham St., found resident Darron Doss and the suspect, John Curry, of 643 Nebraska Ave., on the rear porch. Mr. Doss told police that Mr. Curry broke into his residence about 2:30 a.m. on Saturday. Mr. Doss said he armed himself with a shotgun and fired a warning shot. Police said Mr. Curry was wounded and he was taken to Toledo Hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. A hospital spokesman said she had no information on Mr. Curry yesterday.

WY: Laramie shooting was justifiable homicide: "A man won't be charged for shooting another man through the door of his home, the county attorney has decided. James Martino, 55, of Laramie, told investigators he fired a single shot with a rifle. The bullet hit Brandon Martinez, 19, killing him. Police Chief Robert Deutsch said all the evidence pointed to self-defense. The police report said Martinez had been trying to force his way into the house. Martinez's teenage girlfriend, who lived nearby, had gone to Martino's house after an argument with Martinez."

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