Tuesday, March 21, 2006

TX: Trailer park owner talks about shooting: "The Silsbee trailer park owner who admits pulling the trigger in a fatal shooting says he wants to set the record straight. Lonnie Brown calls what happened Saturday self-defense. It seems everyone agrees this started when a pit bull chased Brown's step-grandson. Brown says he went to the trailer of the dog's owner to find out what happened. Witnesses say Brown shot one of the dogs there. He says what they may not have seen is that dog bit his leg. Brown denies some witnesses' claims that he shot the dog's owner, Justin Slider, as soon as Slider came outside. Brown says Slider threatened to kill him and began hitting him. Brown's attorney calls his 65 year old client's actions 'survival mode. What would you do if you were being hit in the head? [Slider] was 19 years old. He was, I think, a bricklayer.' ... 'He's muscles,' Mr. Brown said, 'He [was] nothing but muscles. I couldn't push him away, I couldn't control him,' says Bo Horka, Brown's attorney."

New Orleans thugs admit gun thefts: "In a stunning reversal, the City of New Orleans revealed today to attorneys representing the Second Amendment Foundation and National Rifle Association that they do have a stockpile of firearms seized from private citizens in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The disclosure came as attorneys for both sides were preparing for a hearing in federal court on a motion filed earlier by SAF and NRA to hold the city in contempt. Plaintiffs' attorneys traveled to a location within the New Orleans city limits where they viewed more than 1,000 firearms that were being stored. 'This is a very significant event,' said attorney Dan Holliday, who represents NRA and SAF in an on-going lawsuit seeking to enjoin the city from seizing privately-owned firearms. 'We're almost in disbelief,' admitted SAF Founder Alan Gottlieb. 'For months, the city has maintained it did not have any guns in its possession that had been taken from people following the hurricane. Now our attorneys have seen the proof that New Orleans was less than honest with the court.' Under an agreement with the court, the hearing on the contempt motion has been continued for two weeks, the attorneys said. During that time, according to Holliday and fellow attorney Stephen Halbrook, the city will establish a process by which the lawful owners of those firearms can recover their guns."

FL: Prostitutes hunting serial killer: "Women involved in prostitution in Daytona Beach, Fla., have reportedly armed themselves and are searching for a serial killer behind the slayings of three residents, according to a Local 6 News report. 'Rather than run from the man police labeled a serial killer, streetwalkers here in Daytona Beach along Ridgewood Avenue say they are seeking the serial killer out,' Local 6 reported Tarik Minor said. 'They believe the man responsible for murdering three women here is someone they have come in contact with.' ... 'We will get him first,' streetwalker Tonya Richardson said. 'Yeah, we are going to get him first. When we find him, he is going to be sorry. It is as simple as that.' Richardson said she and other women are carrying weapons on the streets after Laquetta Gunther, Julie Green and Iwana Patton were found dead in the city."

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