Friday, March 31, 2006

More could have been done to protect woman: "As the community grieves for the loss of Rebekah Grainger and rallies to try and bring her killer to justice, I sit here wondering why. ... Even sadder is the fact that protecting oneself isn't more encouraged to women who are being victimized in a domestic situation. And I'm not talking about kung fu. If a woman was ever in the position that Rebekah Grainger was in on March 6, and actually had the foresight to be armed and ready in case of a threat, what would happen? Would it really be as simple as protecting one's self or one's family? No. If a woman (or man) ever uses a gun in true self-defense, our society is trained to question it to the bitter end. Proceedings for manslaughter charges would often be proposed in such a situation. It is unfortunate, but our society has trained its girls and women that protecting themselves by deadly force is unladylike, un-Christian and just wrong."

Protecting gun rights vital to Alaskans: "To we Alaskans, gun control is a favorite topic of discussion and the goal of many liberals in the Lower 48. We in the North know better. Guns are needed tools and, secondly, a source of sport. Our progress in defense of the Second Amendment comes from a surprising individual, Democrat Rep. Eric Croft. His legislation to eliminate concealed-carry requirements, House Bill 102, was signed into law in 2004. We should thank him for both his perseverance and support of the right to keep and bear arms. ... Much of America's media is so biased against guns and private ownership of weapons, that we are not told of all the peaceful and legitimate uses of guns in our nation. With the exception of the History Channel and occasional specials on other channels, most young people think of guns as killing machines and only killing machines."

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