Friday, March 10, 2006

Guns in demand as Iraqi seek protection: "Like most Iraqis, Abu Ali has long kept a Kalashnikov assault rifle hidden in his bedroom. But it was not until sectarian violence pushed Iraq to the brink of civil war these past two weeks that the 56-year-old engineer thought that one automatic weapon was not enough. 'Danger is everywhere,' said Ali, a short, stocky man. 'I always had a Kalashnikov at home but after the violence I bought a 9mm pistol. I carry it with me all the time.' Fearful of sectarian attacks since the bombing of a Shi'ite shrine on Feb. 22, Iraqis are barricading homes and stocking up on weapons in a country already awash with guns. Under Saddam Hussein, Iraqi households were allowed to own one Kalashnikov, part of a home defence plan during years of wars. After his ousting, looters ransacked barracks, taking with them anything from ammunition to anti-aircraft missiles."

FL: Man shoots, kills home intruder: "When Edward Lucas Sr. checked to see why the neighbor's German shepherd was barking at Sunday at 5:40 a.m., he had no idea that minutes later an intruder would be lying dead on his living room rug. Lucas, 63, of the 3900 block of West Mallory Street, never wanted to have to use his .22 caliber rifle that way, but Tyrone Fyoungious Preyer, 29, would not stop breaking through the door, he said. 'I yelled 'Get out of my house,' but he kept coming,' said Lucas, a retired Sears employee who resided at that house for almost eight years. 'I was scared to death.' Preyer, who died at the home when Lucas fired at him more than four times, tried to break into at least three other surrounding homes, Escambia County Sheriff's Office investigators said."

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