Saturday, March 04, 2006

KY: Non retreat bill passes House: "House Bill 236 passed the Kentucky House on Friday on an 84-to-4 vote and will now be reviewed by the Senate. The Non-Retreat Bill would make it to where you wouldn't have to retreat when someone is breaking into your home or vehicle, and would protect you from being prosecuted or sued for opening fire on intruders. 'It provides the homeowners and the general public with alot better protection under the law in circumstances where there might be obvious evidence one was about to try to take someone's life or create physical harm,' says 6th District Representative J.R. Gray, who is backing the proposed bill. 'It's been kinda understood for years that you have a duty to retreat more or less to the farthest corner of your house before you use the force against an intruder. We decided it was about time to put and end to this and give people protection from lawsuits in case someone (an intruder) wanted to bring one in the case of an accident (being shot or injured).'"

CA: Homeowner shoots "ninja" attacker: "An armed man wearing a black, ninja-style mask was shot to death by a Healdsburg man this morning after he attacked the man's wife outside their home and chased her inside, police said. ... The woman was about to take the couple's two Wheaton terrier dogs for a walk when the masked man jumped her outside her garage, police said. The woman struggled, broke away and ran screaming into the house, with the attacker in pursuit. Her screams awoke her husband. The man, whom police identified only as a man in his 60s, 'grabbed their handgun, probably a .357 ... and fired more than one shot,' Police Chief Susan Jones said. The intruder 'had what looked like a firearm in his hand,' Jones said. He died at the scene."

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