Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Judge rules Pa. can't demand Social Security numbers for guns : "A federal judge ruled Monday that Pennsylvania cannot require Social Security numbers from those purchasing guns or obtaining a concealed-weapons permit. U.S. District Judge Juan Sanchez ruled that the state law violated the federal Privacy Act. 'This ruling is about privacy, not guns. We weren't looking to circumvent gun laws,' said J. Dwight Yoder, who brought the case on behalf of a retired U.S. Army officer from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Lawyers for the Pennsylvania State Police are reviewing the decision, and may appeal it, spokesman Jack Lewis said."

ID: Concealed weapon law may change: "Senator Gerry Sweet and Ada County Sheriff Gary Raney are at odds over concealing guns in a vehicle. 'This law doesn't do anything regarding the bad guys,' said Sen. Sweet. 'This is only to protect law-abiding citizens.' 'Our issue is that this bill allows criminals to possess weapons just as easily as law abiding citizens,' Sheriff Raney said.Sweet has introduced a bill in the senate that would allow Idahoans to carry a loaded gun anywhere in their car, whether it could be seen or not. Right now a loaded weapon must be in plain view unless the owner has a concealed weapons permit. 'The wording would allow gang members or criminals on the way to their crime to legally conceal those guns,' Raney said."

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