Saturday, March 11, 2006

SC: Winners decline AK-47 raffle prize : "Two winners in a drawing for an AK-47 assault rifle declined the prize given away by a Clemson University conservative newspaper. A third person in line for the weapon says he is unsure what he will do with his controversial prize. The drawing came after about 150 raffle tickets had been taken without donations by people opposed to giving away a weapon. Andrew Davis, editor of The Tiger Town Observer, said the gun was offered to bring attention to the Second Amendment right to bear arms as well as to raise money for the paper and other charitable causes. Davis said the event Thursday raised about $500 through ticket sales and about $800 more through direct contributions from people who didn't want tickets. That's what happened with the original winner, Laura Kaiser. She said she made a donation to the project, but did not want a ticket."

VA: Delegates void property rights for gun "rights": "The House of Delegates voted 77-22 to pass a bill prohibiting any property owner, including employers, to enforce regulations barring legally-possessed firearms in a locked vehicle. Sponsored by Del. L. Scott Lingamfelter (R-PW) and known as the 'parking lot bill,' the legislation would hold no liability for the property owners if the firearm is locked and secure inside the vehicle, according to The Washington Post. This law would not apply to public school property and limited access parking lots. Supporters feel that this law would be important to protect the citizens' second amendment rights. The National Rifle Association has been pushing hard for this bill, according to The Washington Post. Philip Van Cleave, president of gun-rights organization Virginia Citizen's Defense League, said, 'If this law is not passed, law-abiding citizens who have guns in their vehicles are now stuck. They are either disarmed and now helpless, or they have to secure their firearms at home before going to work.'"

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