Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Two hitmen attempting a gangland execution were killed themselves yesterday when armed pub customers chased and shot them dead in front of children playing football. Police were called to the Brass Handles pub in Fitzwarren Street, on the notorious Langworthy estate close to Salford shopping precinct, after gun shots were heard.

They arrived to find the bodies of two men of mixed race about 20 yards apart on playing fields known as The Croft. Both died where they fell. Two other men, who had also been shot, were taken in a private car to Hope Hospital, Salford, where they were treated overnight for their injuries.

As armed police flooded the area, it emerged that the incident was an escalation of a turf war between gangs vying for supremacy on the Manchester and Salford border. The shootings were witnessed by young children who had been playing football on the playing fields between the pub and a Lidl supermarket. They were said to have been deeply traumatised.

Witnesses suggested that the incident happened shortly after 2.30pm when two men of mixed race entered the pub during the busy lunchtime period. They appeared to single out and shoot two white men in the crowded bar before fleeing from the pub and across the playing fields to their getaway car, a black Mondeo, parked some distance away.

At this point a number of people in the pub, obviously armed, gave chase. One of the fleeing men was shot in the back of the head. The second man stopped and turned to see what had happened and was shot in the side of his body. Then, witnesses suggest, he was shot in the head "execution-style".

The two bodies remained on the playing fields, covered by a white tarpaulin, as darkness fell. One father, whose child was playing football on the parkland, said: "The children were having their usual Sunday kickabout when there were two men running from the pub. "One was shot in the back of the head as he knelt down. The other then turned to see how his friend was and he was shot in the side, and then in the head. Then the men from inside the pub disappeared....

Last night police from the Tactical Aid Unit mounted a highly visible operation on the estate. Officers, who fear a further escalation in the turf war, urged calm and tried to reassure residents. The Langworthy estate is a mix of high-rise flats and terraced housing, many of them boarded up...

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Nuisance lawsuit knocked on the head: "On Monday, Federal District Court Judge Audrey B. Collins used the "Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act" as the basis for dismissal of a reckless "public-nuisance" lawsuit against firearm manufacturer Glock and distributor RSR. In doing so, Judge Collins became the first judge in the country to use the new law to counter the anti-gun lobby's shameless attempts to hold the lawful firearm industry responsible for the acts of criminals. The suit sought to blame Glock and RSR for the horrendous criminal actions of deranged white supremacist Buford Furrow. In 1999, Furrow shot and killed postal worker Joseph Ileto, and wounded three children at a Jewish Community Center in Grenada Hills, California, after illegally acquiring firearms. What is not often reported is that, while a Glock pistol was used in Furrow's heinous crime, the gun was originally sold to a police department, which subsequently sold it to a licensed dealer, who in turn sold it to a collector, who finally sold it to Furrow. Glock is being targeted, but did nothing illegal, and RSR never owned, sold, or possessed the firearm.

Store owner good shot -- downs 2: "Three men tried to rob a store at 28th Street and Broadway, but the store owner fired at them, shooting two of them. The third would-be robber robbery suspect escaped in a white Jeep Cherokee and is still on the loose. He dropped the money and it was returned to the store owner. The store owner did suffer some minor injuries. One robber was shot in the chest the other in the head."

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