Tuesday, March 07, 2006


From the January 2006 issue of "Sporting Gun" magazine:

"After a 200 year history of making guns and over 80 years of manufacturing air guns Webley & Scott Ltd have appointed administrators to manage the company and attempt to find a buyer for the business. The company cites government paranoia about guns, impending changes in legislation and adverse publicity in the national press for their decision".

Webley as it used to be:

With origins that can be traced back to 1790, Webley and Scott has had a long and varied history, supplying guns to the public and to the government for over 200 years. Based in Birmingham, the city that during the 1800's was the UK centre of gun production, Webley and Scott was originally founded by William Davies, who ran the business making bullet moulds until it was taken over in 1834 by Philip Webley, William Davies' son-in-law, who focussed instead of on bullet moulds on the production of guns, particularly revolvers. The current name dates to 1897, when the company amalgamated with shotgun manufacturers W & C Scott and Sons, becoming The Webley and Scott Revolver and Arms Company Ltd of Birmingham. The name was shortened in 1906 to the now familiar name of Webley and Scott Ltd.

Since that time, business has grown for the company, seeing peaks supplying weapons for use during both World Wars. It was in fact between the wars, in 1924, that Webley produced its first air gun, the Mark I air pistol, which was available in .177 and .22 calibres. Demand for air guns increased rapidly in the 20's, due mainly to the restrictive new Firearms Act. Webley ceased production of firearms in 1979, concentrating instead on its range of air pistols and rifles.

CA: Glendale may ban gun sales on city land: "The city could follow Los Angeles County's lead by outlawing gun sales on municipal property, a move that would make this weekend's Civic Auditorium gun show the last of its kind in Glendale. The Glendale Gun Show has been held at the Glendale Civic Auditorium for the past 15 years. Its operator has four shows scheduled at the auditorium this year, including the one planned for this weekend. The auditorium is across the street from Glendale Community College. 'We are one of the safest cities, it's not the crime that really concerns me,' said Mayor Rafi Manoukian, who has proposed the ban. 'But ... having a gun show at city facility across the street from the community college just sends the wrong message to the youth and our community, (and) communities around Glendale as well.'"

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